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The Teets Group, established in 2014, studies mechanistic inorganic chemistry, catalysis, and photochemistry. Please visit our pages to learn more about the group members and our research.

Teets Group, March 2017

Pictured left to right: Ge Mu, Evanta Kabir, Hanah Na, Jonas Kölsch, Tom Teets, Ku Sun Choung, Jong-Hwa Shon, Burny Lai

Recent News

March 2017: Hanah and Ayan's paper on bis-cyclometalated iridium complexes with electronically varied aryl isocyanide ancillary ligands appears online in Dalton Transactions.

March 2017: Jonas departs the group after an incredibly productive 6-month stay. Auf wiedersehen!

December 2016: Tom and the group's research are featured in an ACS Select Virtual Issue, "Emerging Investigators in Inorganic Photochemistry and Photophysics." Check it out!

November 2016: First-year graduate student Louise Cañada joins the group. Welcome aboard!

October 2016: More changes to the roster: Postdoc Ayan Maity departs the group and takes a position in the Radosevich group at MIT. Visiting student Jonas Kölsch joins us from Mainz, Germany.

September 2016: Comings and goings: Linh Quang Le departs the group after a very productive year, and a new undergraduate researcher Dhruti Patel is on-board to begin working on formazanate chemistry.

August 2016: Rosa's paper on bis-cyclometalated iridium complexes with fluorinated β-ketoiminate and β-diketiminate ancillary ligands appears online in Organometallics. ( link ) Check out some nice work by a phenomenal undergrad!

July 2016: The group's collective age just increased: Lena Brysacz departs after spending one very productive month in the group supported by the Welch Foundation Summer Scholars program.

June 2016: Hanah's paper on postsynthetic modification of platinum diimine chromophores appears in Organometallics. ( link ) Congratulations to Hanah on her first publication!

June 2016: High school student Lena Brysacz joins us for a four-week stint, supported by a scholarship from the Welch Foundation Summer Scholars program. She will work with Burny on red-emitting iridium(III) cyclometalates with β-ketoiminate and β-diketiminate ligands.

May 2016: Ayan and Tom's review article on Lewis acid mediated transformations of metal hydrides appears online . This will be part of a special "Metal Hydrides" issue of Chemical Reviews slated to be published this summer.